WeddingPress – WordPress Wedding Plugin

WeddingPress – WordPress Wedding Plugin

  • 6/24/2019

About this plugin

Weddingpress makes it easy to have your very own wedding website where people can buy you gifts and reply to your invites safely and easily. It only takes a few minutes to set up your website and guests will be impressed at how modern and easy your wedding is! Weddingpress was built for a wedding and then turned into a product, that means you can be assured that it has everything you need for your wedding and more!

Main Features

Create a online Guest List

Inviting guests is probably the most important aspect of planning a wedding. With Weddingpress it is easy, you simply add your guests with the events they are invited to and email their invite, Weddingpress handles the rest and finds out what they are planning to attend and what food / drink options they need.

Don’t worry about awkward questions either Weddingpress only asks people if they are attending the events they have been asked to and menu options if you said they need food. Now that long lost Uncle cant get offended that they haven’t been invited to the morning after brunch!

If you plan to mail invites, that’s fine too simply let them know their RSVP reference and they can RSVP online.

Multisite Compatible

With Weddingpress you can install the same plugin many times on the same website with WordPress multisite. This means you could build your own business providing gift list and RSVPs for wedding couples!

Online RSVP for guests

Filling in a RSVP should be fun and easy and that’s what we make it! Your guests will be able to fill in there options and leave you a message to let you know they are excited for the big day!

Once the RSVP has been completed the guest will even get an email confirming their choices and you will get a email letting you know somebody completed a RSVP.

Unlimited Menu Choices

You can add unlimited amounts of starters, mains, desserts and drinks for your guests to select when they fill out their RSVP. If you wedding has different meals you can even change the text for starter, mains, desserts and drinks to be whatever you like. This was a popular request so we’ve added it in. Got other requests let us know!

Gift List with payment by PayPal


Do you wish you could just have your Gift List online with all the gifts coming straight into your PayPal account? Well thats what Weddingpress does, simply create your Gift List by adding costs, pictures and descriptions and then let your guests pick what to buy.

PayPal will then process the payment and send the money to your PayPal Account, safely and easily, plus guests only need a debit or credit card to pay!

We’ll even send you an email automatically to let you know you have a new gift!

Great support and documentation

We want you to have a great time with Weddingpress so we’ve made sure its easy to use. We’ve also created a great documentation website that you can search for whatever you need to do, it also has great quick start guides. If anything does go wrong we want you to know that our support team will be there to support you with quick, friendly and helpful support.

You won’t believe how good our support is so we’ve included our statistics for 2014 below:


  • Guest List
  • Online RSVP
  • Email Invites
  • PayPal Gift List
  • Advanced Customization
  • Pre built Emails
  • PayPal Integration
  • Newsletters
  • Social Sharing
  • QR Codes
  • Beautiful and easy to use
  • Great Support
  • Full documentation
  • Built for weddings by people who got married


= 3.1.0 21st March 2017 =
* Added the ability to upload guest lists from CSV files

= 3.0.3 - 10th February 2017 =
* Added more CSS classes
* Fixed an issue with currency display
* Fixed an issue setting invite sent status when adding invites
* Various other small fixes and improvements

= 3.0.2 5th February 2017 =
* Added options for starters, mains and desserts
* Added the ability to add unlimited amounts of starter, main, dessert
* Guests can now choose starter, main, dessert and drinks
* Added starter, mains and desserts to emails
* Added starter, mains and desserts to CSV downloads
* Added Menu page to manage menu choices
* Automatically add existing menu choices to the new system
* Added customisation for description text for starter, mains and desserts
* Removed requirements for PHP_intl
* Added alias for wedding list shortcode - weddingpress_gift_list
* Added Shortcode description
* Fixed some issues in documentation
* Fixed an issue with deleting blogs
* Various other small fixes and improvements

= 2.5.0 2nd November 2016
= * Re-ordered the guests on RSVP emails * Fixed an issue with payments = 2.0.4 29th September 2016 = * Fixed an issue with RSVP redirects = 2.0.3 24th September 2016 = * Upgraded the upgrade system * Fixed an issue saving your name in email settings = 2.0.2 22nd September 2016 = * Fixed a small issue where the CSV download could show a warning = 2.0.1 1st September 2016 = * Fixed an issue when adding guests = 2.0.0 22nd August 2016 = * Added responsive layout for Gift List * Added responsive layout for RSVP * Added ability to customise the display of meal and drinks options. * Improved Gift list layout * Improved currency display * Improved un-install script * Added ability to redirect the guest after an RSVP * Added ability to send invites in bulk * Added tracking of sent invites * Cleaned the RSVP layout * Minor text changes * Minor admin changes * Improved the backend system for shortcodes = 1.8.0 12th August 2016 = * Added ability to export RSVP responses to a CSV file * Added 20 new currencies * Added HTML (WordPress Editor) editing of RSVP welcome and complete message * Added ability to have multiple email copy addresses * Fixed a display issue on the notes textbox on the RSVP form * Enhanced security on email saving * Updated plugin homepage * Guests now default to being an adult * Guests now appear in the same order as they were saved * Modified layout of Gift List for better user experience = 1.7.1 6th August 2016 = * Fixed IPN Issue * Added further security to IPN system = 1.7.0 - 4th August 2016 = * Added the ability to edit the template in an easy to use editor * Added ability to have only drinks option * Fixed placeholder on RSVP page * Fixed spelling issues = 1.6.0 - 2nd July 2016 = * Enhanced compatibility with certain themes * Fixed PayPal IPN issues = 1.5.0 - 6th May 2016 = * Added Multisite compatibility * Fixed some issues in activation * Fixed some issues in deactivation * Added changelog to about page = 1.0.2 - 6th February 2014 = * Fixed small bugs on the admin screen to make the flow easier for users = 1.0.1 - 6th February 2014 = * Fixed a bug in Mailchimp list subscribe * Added extra escaping to everything for security * Added gift name to paypal payment and email * Added ability to pick a Mailchimp list rather than manually entering a list ID = 1.0.0 - 6th February 2014 = * Initial release


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.8 or newer
  • Working in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE7-11, Opera, Edge
  • Working in mobile browsers
  • Requires PHP 5.3 or newer
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