Track Me | iOS GPS Tracker (Swift) + Web Admin Panel

Track Me | iOS GPS Tracker (Swift) + Web Admin Panel

  • 6/20/2019

Track Me | iOS GPS Tracker (Swift) + Web Admin Panel

The project does not require documentation because WE DO EVERYTHING in YOUR place!
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Track Me is a iOS application with web Admi

n Panel. TrackMe is an iOS application management panel that displays a user watched road traveled. Use Track Me to:

  • Follow road traveled to your friends;
  • Follow road traveled to your children daily;
  • Follow road traveled for your employees in logistics;
  • and other.

TrackMe uses GPS to retrieve current coordinates so at an interval of X seconds coordinates are sent to the server and recorded in the database, then subsequently log on to the admin panel web to view your route or itinerary of user watched. For the user only needs to be watched to set the name and act

ivate his pursuit. Otherwise everything is done automatically.


1. Xcode 8 project
2. Swift 3 project
3. iOS 8/9/10+ Support
4. Admin Panel:
User:[email protected] Password: admin
User for test: 121; in date picker select LAST MONTH
5. Documentation
6. Easy to customize
7. Commented code

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