SOLID HMS (Hospital Management System) Open Source dot net core | C#

SOLID HMS (Hospital Management System) Open Source dot net core | C#

  • 6/25/2019

SOLID HMS (Hospital Management System) is hospital management system build in .net core 2.1,C# ,on backend database we use Mysql. Its boilerplate like application developer can easy to extend it if purchase extened license or Power License.

Demo Will be appear soon.


Pricing Plans

Regular LicenseExtended LicensePower License (385$ USD Only)
  1. Compiled dll Application
  2. Use for Self Only Can’t Sold
  3. Database Script Available
  4. Multiple Entries
  1. Full Source Code
  2. Sold to 3 clients
  3. Full Database Script
  4. Multiple Entries
  1. Full Source Code
  2. Sold to 5 clients
  3. Full Database Script
  4. Multiple Entries

Contact For Purchase:

  • skype: singh.mvc
  • whats app: +91 9878707793


Modules are below

Users and Roles g>
This software contains following list of roles:-

  1. Admin
  2. Doctor
  3. Patient
  4. Nurse
  5. Accountant    
  6. Laboratoriest     
  7. Pharmacist    
  8. Receptionist    
  9. Representative
  10. Case Manager

Accounts Management

  1. Ledger Account transactions track
  2. Account action
  3. Invoice:- This software will allow you to create live invoice.    

Appointment System

  1. Appointment Scheduler:- Appointment Scheduler will show all the appointments corresponding to Doctor and Patient’s Appointment Date. Form here Doctor can Create, Edit and delete his appointment.
  2. Appointment on calendar live

Human Resources

  1. Human Resource will manage all users corresponding to role.
  2. Payroll system
  3. Users salary transaction

Bed Management

  1. Bed Management will keep the record of all kinds of available beds in Hospital and will manage the allowance of beds to Patients.
  2. Beds
  3. Bed Assignment

Notice Board

  1. Notice Board will show all active notice.

File Manager

  1. Easy to upload any type files like (jpg,pdf,other)

Doctor Management

  1. You may manage your doctor users.


  1. Manage your patients.
  2. Patient documents upload.
  3. Patient case study etc.

Insurance management


  1. Services
  2. Patient Admission
  3. Advance Payment
  4. Bills
  5. Bills List<

Hospital Activities

  1. Birth
  2. Death
  3. Operation
  4. Investigation


  1. Department
  2. Blood Groups
  3. Genders

Case Management

Medicine Management

  1. Medicine Category
  2. Medicine Inventory


  1. Using Message
  2. Using Email

Donner Management


HMS Developer Features

  1. Speed up web development by using ready modules 
  2. Web Presentation UI Layer Models,Data Access Layer,Repository,Services Source code available with All Source code -Easy to Customize this project for developers
  3. Graphical Dashboard
  4. Role User Chart
  5. Last Registered User Chart
  6. Project Chart etc.
  7. Multiple Other Master Wizards
  8. Text Editor
  9. Stiky Notification 
  10. Responsive Layout
  11. Export to pdf,excel etc.
  12. Insert Edit,delete Using Page Dialog Not need for refresh Page
  13. Jquery Datatable Grid, Search,Page Size,Paging Features Includes.

System Requirement.

  1. Windows Server or Windows Based Hosting
  2. IIS7 OR +
  3. .Net Core 2.1 Sould be Installed
  4. MySql

:Unzip Solution
:Upload to your hosting domain or iis
:Change Connection string of database
:Take Database script from root and run in your mssql server
:Run It 

Review and Rating Us

Note:Before purchase you need to check this software its fulfill with your requirements after purchase payment will not be revert.

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