MINI 360 Degrees Viewer

MINI 360 Degrees Viewer

  • 6/21/2019

UPDATE – 27-feb-2013 – 1.4.1
– fixed an issue with mobile interaction
– tweaked the mobile interaction so that the viewer will let the page to be scrolled in case the user drags horizontally.

UPDATE – 4 feb 2013
– fixed incompatibility with jQuery 1.9

UPDATE – 13 July 2012 – VERSION 1.2

Big Update, guys!
Big New features:
– responsize resize
– new loading system (this improves A LOT bandwidth usage. The viewer will load images only if needed)
– new way to configure and initialize the viewer.

– preload animation + other small code improvements.

You will need to re-download the plugin, install it and configu

re it with the new settings if needed. It is backwards compatible.

All explained in Help file.

File Updated – 12 sept 2011

– IE error fixed on some IE versions – it may cause an error when images are loading.

– New setting available: Auto Loop – starts rotating the object after image load.


I have made a promise to update this file to be handled as WordPress plugin… But… I learned that Codecanyon cannot accept this type of file to be upgraded in such way because it changes his nature : From a simple jQuery plugin to a WordPress plugin.
Knowing this, I have made a new file from it and submitted it as WordPress plugin.

omise still stands for those who bought this file before 20 May 2011. They can send me a private message using the form located on my profile, to request the WordPress version of the file.

Thanks for understanding.


For the WordPress plugin version you must look at this file

Main Features:

3 ways of interacting with the viewer
- control bar
- main drag&rotate area
- rotation toggle button
You can use any number of images

A small update was made to improve support on iDevices.
Download the files again if you don’t have the version 1.01.



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