Menu or Module Based Access Control – Unique | Asp Core

Menu or Module Based Access Control – Unique | Asp Core

  • 11/30/2019

Menu or Module Based Access Control (MBAC) is the unique & easiest way to authenticate your application using Action Based Menus and modules. Below are the features of the application.

Menu Based Authentication :
In this application you will get Menu based authentication (Action & Controllers), in this you will get Menu based Access . If you try to access the page/section which you are not authorized then you will get Access Denied Error. Also, you can add new Modules, Menus, Users, etc a

nd assign access to users. All things are saved in the database and hence fully dynamic.

Free HTML Template :
In Details file you will also get link to download the HTML template if you want to edit HTML Code from start.

DI & Services:
We used OOPS concept to create this Using Classes & Interfaces.

DataBase Connectivity:
It stores all the data in MS SQL Server using Entity Framework Core.

ASP CORE Idenity:
Get the best features available

in ASP Core Identity in this application, We used ASP CORE identity to resister the user.

Unlimited Access:
You can create unlimeted Users, Access Menus and Actions using this application.

Initial Release 1.0

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