Material Design Angular 4 Admin Web App with Bootstrap 4

Material Design Angular 4 Admin Web App with Bootstrap 4

  • 6/21/2019


Material admin web App is a Google Material Design inspired admin template built with Angular 2 (Now Angular 4) & Bootstrap 4.

Features in Detail

  • 2 in 1. Admin template and Landing page
  • Google Material Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Light, Gray and Dark Themes
  • Multiple Color Schemes, with 18 predefined schemes
  • Powerful Layout Settings
  • 1500+ Icons, including 900+ official material design icons
  • Sass/Scss CSS, easily update style by changing a few variables
  • Clean Code with Official Angular Style Guide
  • Modular Code, add & remove with ease
  • Work with jQuery
  • Nested Routing
  • Lazy Loading (Asynchrous Routing) Support
  • Bundling with Webpack 2
  • Package Management with NPM
  • Cross Browser Support
  • High Resolution Support
  • Built with love with @ngtemplates
  • Premium Support
  • Free Future Updates


  • Angular One framework. Mobile & desktop.
  • Bootstrap The most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
  • Angular Mateiral2 Material Design components for Angular apps
  • jQuery Write less, do more.
  • unspl
    ash Royalty-Free Stock Photos



- Feat: Upgrade @angular/material to beta.5, add new Datepicker
- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version, include Angular 4.1.x
- Refactor: Remove all .DS_Store system files in production
- Fix: add baseUrl for webpack
- Docs: Update the docs

VERSION 2.0.2 (04-25-2017)

- Feat: Add linter for TypeScript with TSLint
- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version
- Docs: Update docs

VERSION 2.0.1 (04-17-2017)

- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version
- Feat: Upgrade @angular/material to beta.3 and add new autocomplete example
- Fix: Update dark theme style
- Docs: Add guide on how to remove modules

VERSION 2.0.0 (04-06-2017)

- Feat: Upgrade to Angular 4
- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version
- Feat: Add AoT (Ahead of Time) support
- Feat: Lazy load child modules
- Feat: Add yarn.lock (If you don't use Yarn, simply ingore it)
- Chore: Move SlimScrollDirective to SharedModule
- Refactor: Rename AppMainModule to LayoutModule
- Docs: Update documentation

VERSION 1.2.4 (03-28-2017)

- Docs: Update the documentation

VERSION 1.2.3 > (03-23-2017)

- Docs: Update the guide on using Angular CLI, make it work, thanks @LeFerdi
- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version

VERSION 1.2.2 (03-19-2017)

- Docs: Add guide on using with Angular CLI (WIP)
- Dev: Replace ts-helpers with tslib
- Refactor: Replace ‘require’ with ‘import’

VERSION 1.2.1 (03-06-2017)

- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version
- Chore: Rename "client" folder to "src" (follow the convention)
- Fix: Fix admin logo not centered when sidenav is collapsed problem
- Fix: Fix header text color when header color option is light or yellow
- Dev: Add source map support for Scss/Sass
- Docs: Update documentation
- Chore: Clean up a bit

VERSION 1.2.0 (03-02-2017)

- Feat: Landing page

VERSION 1.1.0 (02-17-2017)

- Feat: Upgrade to Angular material2 to beta2 ( breaking changes from beta.1 [here]( )
- Feat: Update NPM packages to latest version
- Fix: Fix navToggler button not vertically centered style
- Style: Update dark theme style for some UI elements
- Feat(Search Overlay): Add auto focus
- Chore: Clean up


- Initial release
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