Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v3.8

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v3.8

  • 6/20/2019

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v3.8 works seamlessly within Gravity Forms to give you the data security and data privacy you need, as well as the custom control to implement it quickly and smartly within your WordPress installations needs! There’s no need to encrypt everything you collect and give everyone access in admin. Only encrypt what you want, and optionally give access to only the individual users or roles that need it!

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v3.8 plugin to secure data at rest in the database and keep back end users from accessing it through admin, or just use it to hide form field results in admin from back end users without even turning encryption on. You can use either option on different fields of your choosing with custom user view permissions all at the same time!

For users with permission all decryption and view access is lightning fast, seamlessly integrated and automatic. They likely won’t even know encryption is on. Existing field data also is hidden in admin when encryption or “hide field value” is later turned on for a field. Smart view filters can let you know what individual field data is actually encrypted vs. just being hidden with a different display for each.

For users with permission to view encrypted or hidden fields the plugin retains normal Gravity Forms functionality like viewing entries and all export options. There is reliable native entry search functionality based on any encrypted fields data with individual user/role permissions to use this functionality (must search for exact content and not partial content). “Limited” normal encrypted field search and order functionality is also possible (..currently, standard search or ordering operations may return differentiating partial results when based on encrypted field data). Users without field view permission cannot search based on the hidden value of the field at all, export it as readable, or perform other operations which would reveal the value of fields they do not have access to.

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v3.8 Features:

AES-256 bank/military grade database storage encryption

Selectable encryption types including OpenSSL

Built in web and WordPress Admin security measures to help prevent sensitive data breaches

Smart encryption key system with separately generated and stored customizable encryption keys

Option to globally bypass actual encryption and just hide data in admin from unauthorized users.

Advanced individual field user/role view permissions

Global user view permissions


t to encrypt or hide Gravity Forms individual field data with both user and role access control per individual field.

Merge tag filtering and exclusion controls to control output on confirmations and notifications of encrypted or hidden fields

Ability to include html and section break fields in “all_fields” merge tag output.

Ability to exclude specific fields from “all_fields” merge tag output.

Custom decrypted merge tags to output human readable versions of encrypted data only in email and confirmations while retaining any view permissions on the site. Data that is unencrypted will still have an encrypted version output by the encrypted merge tag.

Custom user/role view permissions checking merge tags which output human readable versions of encrypted data only if the user/role loading or generating the merge tag content has view permissions to the field data on the site. Any fields the user does no have permissions to will show the restricted display.

Ability to pass full encrypted strings to merge tag output on confirmations and notifications for developers to pass data encrypted through email notifications for third party developed decryption and ingest into other systems.

Fully functioning native search functionality of entries based on encrypted field data with user/role based permission to this type of search. (Can only search natively for exact field values. ..this includes any specific value of multi part field such as first name or last name.)

Custom output preview masking for hidden/encrypted fields to use for entry view, and optionally also in merge tags for confirmations and notifications. example: •••1234

Ability to auto delete specified form entries and file uploads after submission/user registration/notifications. Keep the site clean and no site data to breach!

Ability to auto delete only specified form entries file uploads after submission/user registration/notifications. Keep the site clean and no site file upload data to breach! Great for resumes or other files uploaded with potentially sensitive data!

Ability to attach specified forms file uploads to specified notifications after submission/user registration before entry or file uploads are deleted.

Option to password protect access to admin settings page (This password is encrypted and when combined with quick global permission lockout, can allow for data security even in the event of an admin login breach! Just unlock the page and give temporary permission when you need to

access encrypted data!

Option to assign ‘User Owned Fields’ which encrypt data and give view permission to only the original submitting user

Option to display custom text or nothing at all for hidden and encrypted fields for users without permission

Ability to remove/reverse encryption on specified forms, entries, and fields. This can also be run in batches on all entries and or fields of a specified form from newest to last entries to completely remove ALL encryption from forms entries!

Ability to add encryption to previous entries for specified forms, entries, and fields (fields must be of supported type). This can also be run in batches on all entries and or fields of a specified form from newest to last entries to completely encrypt ALL of a forms entries! Now you can add encryption on old field data!

Detailed and extensive inline documentation for every option and setting to help you set up the perfect solution for your site!

Both quick and full setup instructions are directly inside the options page for users who just want to be up and running in a couple minutes, and the plugin also has a complete visual system and encryption check to help users visibly see the systems requirements and current encryption status to be up and running quickly, and know what global mode it is using at a glance.


-WordPress 4.6+
-PHP 5.6+ (5.5 and 5.4 should currently also function but are NOT SUPPORTED)
-Gravity Forms Version 2.0.7+
-Server must support one of the following encryption methods:
OpenSSL Encryption Enabled -ver 3.0+
Mcrypt Encryption Enabled -required for ver 2.9.3 or previous

Installation / Upgrade
IMPORTANT: Please refer to the plugin’s readme file for detailed instructions on upgrading between versions or initial install.

Gravity Forms Encrypted Fields v3.8 Changelog:

Version 3.8 (current available version)
* Added per field view permission option “Original Submitting User View Permission”, which allows original logged in submitting users view permissions to their own individual entry field data in addition to the normal “User/Role View Permission” list users/roles.
* Subtle visual changes

Version 3.7 (current available version)
* Added Hide Field Value controls to the “Global Form Encryption Switch”
* Fixed “Global Form Encryption Switch” to turn off hide field value when encryption turned on and turn off encryption when hide field value turned on.
* IMMEDIATE ISSUED BUG FIX for release 3.6: form fields not rendering

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