Easy File Protection – PHP

Easy File Protection – PHP

  • 6/19/2019


EASY FILE PROTECTION provides you with a simple and quick way to secure your php file. It provides you with a login interface where you can provide your credentials and login to your secure page. This script also has the feature of logging out after a predefined timeout interval. So after the time expires the user can again land on to the login page or a page of your choice. Customization can be done to this script to make the login page look according to your needs as well as logout can be handled to redirect the user to any specified location.

One line File protect . Just add “include “secure.php”;” in your file and you are



We provide free installation and basic customization support with this script

Main Features:

  • Single line file secure script!
  • No Database Required
  • Powerful Jquery Validation
  • Limited Login Attempts (Time Bounded)
  • Very easy to implement.
  • User friendly script.
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • Enhanced security with cookie timeout.
  • Attractive login form.

Other Important things to know:

  • 1 Minutes Easy Installation.
  • Does not require any additional Server Setting.
  • Every file has been commented
    with appropriate tips.

Requirements and Recommendations

A PHP enabled server (version 4.3+) is required for the script to work.

NOTE : A basic knowledge of PHP is recommended to be able to implement the script, however the documentation is extensive so you may not need any.

Please help us

If you are going to rate the script less than 5 stars, please tell us what we can do to make it 5 stars
for you and we’ll fix it. We would love to hear your suggestions on how we could improve the script, leave us a comment or send us an email and your suggestion might make it in to a future version!


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