Clever Course – Learning Management System Theme

Clever Course – Learning Management System Theme

  • 6/28/2019


Clever Course is a LMS (Learning Management System) wordpress theme. It?s suitable for school, university, college, education etc.. This theme is designed especially for creating and sell courses. You can sell both online course either onsite course. For online, each course can be separate into parts/sections and you can also create online quiz to evaluate learners.

About payment, learner can choose to pay by Paypal, Stripe, PayMill, or directly or they can choose to transfer by other methods(Admin can provide other methods such as bank transfer) then learners will have a submission from in backend to submit payment evidence(Bank transfer receipt for example). After learner submit, admin can check the evidence in admin?s backend and approve or reject the submission later.

For Onsite Course, learner can fill the amount of package in case of purchasing for friends. After purchasing, learner will get the reference code which be used for instructor to compare with the record in the date of studying.

Instructor backend –

Student backend –

Transaction backend –

To test the system –

Watch video of LMS walkthorugh here –

* To update LMS system, kindly follow this instruction > *

Overall Features

– LMS – Learning Management System

– Online Course

– Onsite Course

– Online Quiz

– Course purchasing by Paypal

– Ability to set course expiration

– For β€˜Onsite’ course, you can set the start date, end date of course. And you can also set the maximum seat which will be automatically counted when seat is paid.

– Ability to retake quiz(Pick the last score)
– Certificate
– Badge
– Course Rating

– Page Builder

– Free $23 Value Master Slider
– Full-screen slider, Full-width slider, Boxed slider
– Social link in header bar
– GoodLayers Importer – With just few steps, you can turn your site to be like demo site. We have a step by step video to teach you.
– Page Builder Setting Shortcut Button – With only one click, you can have page builder setting like Homepage, About, Contact 1, Contact 2, Pricing page
– Parallax/Color Section – You can have parallax background in your desired section. You can also set parallax speed or have it fixed as well.
– Landing Page Template – options to disable header, footer or both of it.
– Unlimited Color – You can turn your site to anything you need with color options. You can change almost every color elements.
– Awesome Shortcodes – We integrated a lot of useful shortcodes which will surely empower your website.
– Customizable skin for each parallax/color section – When using parallax section, you might need to change font color or link color in it. You are allowed to create custom skin via admin panel and assign to parallax section easily.
– Sidebar size customizable – You can set the width of sidebar easily via admin panel. We have 5 options for you. 16%, 25%, 33%, 41%, 50%. And 25%, 33% for both sidebar layout.
– Scalable Container – You can set any width in pixel to your site.
– Floating Navigation
– Boxed/Full Width Layout
– WooCommerce Friendly – We turn many woocommerce?s elements in to minimal, modern design. *Please note that you can’t sell course using WooCommerce. It’s a separated system.
– WPML supported
– rong>Mega Menu – With our built-in mega menu, you don?t need to buy plugin for it anymore.
– Fully Responsive – This theme looks and works flawlessly across major phones and tablets.
– Post Format
– Google Font
– Unlimited Sidebar
– Font Uploader
– Theme Customizer
– Retina Ready
– Font Awesome
– Optimized Code & SEO
– Shortcode Generator
– Testimonial
– Personnel

Premium Support

Not only well-document that you get after purchasing our theme but you will also be able to access our support website. Support part is the most important thing for us. We always try our best to serve customers and make sure they are happy with our product. Apart from theme?s quality, this is why so many customers come back for us


Blow is images used in demo site, other than this are purchased from and 

Images in preview site are not included in theme package!

Need support?

First of all, Thanks so much for purchased our items We?re really appreciated it and hope you enjoy it! If you need support, all support will be conducted through this website > . We usually get back to you within 14hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Changelog & Updated Files

==v2.07== 05/10/2016
update french translation for first and last name
    - include/languages folder

fix minor bugs
fix deprecate function
fix author naming display
fix lock course date
continue the course where it left off
change variable naming to aviod confusion
display time on on-site course
add class to course item button
add class to course info section
add function to order the section lecture and quiz
use ajax to save the quiz timer / answer every 5 second to prevent timer reset
improve the retake quiz option 
    - author-default.php
    - lms-script.js
    - single-section-quiz.php
    - single-course-quiz.php
    - single-course-content.php
    - framework/table-management.php
    - framework/course-option.php
    - framework/javascript/meta-box.js
    - framework/javascript/quiz-question.js
    - framework/stylesheet/meta-box.css
    - include/course-item.php
    - include/utility.php
    - include/instructor.php
    - include/lightbox-form.php
    - include/attendance-section.php
    - include/gdlr-payment-query.php
    - user/leader-board.php
    - user/manual-check-needed.php
    - user/badge-certificate.php
    - user/my-course-student.php
    - user/scoring-status-student.php
    - user/profile.php

==v2.05== 25/05/2016
- fix booking form scrolling in small display

==v2.04== 25/03/2016
- fix shortcode spacing

- add revision feature

==v2.03== 20/12/2015
- wp 4.4 compatibility

- update master slider

==v2.02== 09/12/2015
fix icon with new font awesome version
    gdlr-shortcode plugin

==v2.01== 07/12/2015
- Fix rating (star disappeared)
    Good LMS plugin (lms-script.js)

==v2.00== 27/11/2015
- shortcode fix
    gdlr-shortcode plugin
- wp 4.3 compat
    include/widget folder
- update functionality
**Good LMS Plugin**
- wp 4.3 compatibiltiy
- Onsite course widget date
- Add button to proceed quiz
- Sort Course By Start Date *** Have to save every course that's suppose to show once for this update to take effects
- Add n
ew course info style - Auto login after register - Add option to lock the course until start date is reached - Russian translation by : Andeo framework/javascript/meta-box.js framework/plugin-option/course-category-widget.php framework/plugin-option/popular-course-widget.php framework/plugin-option/recent-course-widget.php framework/course-option.php framework/gdlr-coupon-option.php framework/gdlr-course-content-bkup.php framework/gdlr-theme-sync.php framework/plugin-option.php framework/meta-template.php framework/user.php user/my-course.php user/my-course-student.php user/attended-course.php user/missing-course.php include/lightbox-form.php include/course-item.php include/paymill-payment.php include/payment-api/braintree-php include/cloud-paymen.php include/shortcode.php include/stripe-payment.php include/utility.php include/course-item.php author.php register.php single-braintree.php single-course-content.php single-course-quiz.php single-section-quiz.php single-authorize.php lms-style.css ==v1.27== 20/07/2015 - fix login incorrect and lost password page - Spanish translation by 'Stewart Vallely' - add payment status changing at transaction page ==v1.26== 20/06/2015 - display message to login before taking the quiz - update font awesome version (in lms plugin) user/earning.php user/badge-certificate.php include/misc.php include/lightbox-form.php include/course-item.php include/certificate-item.php framework/plugin-option/statement.php single-course.php single-course-quiz.php single-course-content.php author-default.php ==v1.25== 10/06/2015 - Payment fixed Goodlms plugin.(single-authorize.php,include/lightbox-form.php) ==v1.24== 12/05/2015 - Update Master Slider ==v1.23== 08/05/2015 - wp 4.1 customizer include/gdlr-admin-option.php - fix twitter with special character plugins/twitter-oauth.php include/function/gdlr-media.php include/widget/twitter-widget.php - xss - include/plugin/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php ==v1.22== 05/03/2015 These are logs for LMS plugin - fix course grid space - fix insturctor author image in safari lms-style.css - wpml compatibility - fix non-latin character for form booking include/login-form.php login.php include/lightbox-form.php - php5.3 compatibility issues goodlayers-lms.php ==v1.21== 04/02/2015 - add transation to user booked course area user/booked-course.php - display error for non-latin character as username register.php include/lightbox-form.php - fix course shortcode displaying problem include/shortcode.php ==v1.20== 15/01/2015 - add option for jQuery ui inclusion - unlock sections/course by specific date - units in progress bar can be clicked for convenience - free course without logging in - prerequisite for courses - Instructor can see student list for each courses - put rating in single course - removable questions for quiz - put confirmation(unique code) code shortcode in certificate(for verification purpose) - instructor can remove student from course - leadership board for quiz - put more payment gateways: Stripe, PayMill, *for all these updates, update goodlayers lms plugin ==v1.12== 09/12/2014 - fix empty max-seat for offline course - improve the paypal validation lms-script.js include/lightbox-form user/book-course.php - goodlayers lms plugin ==v1.11== 15/10/2014 goodlayers lms plugin ==v1.10== 27/09/2014 - fix sub sub menu flickering plugins/superfish/css/superfish.css - fix header in course category page header-title.php tribe-events/default-template.php - re-takable quiz - show answers - wipe student data when remove student account - disable payment option - ability to disable manual transfer method - student cancel booked course - pdf icon for courses - Free onsite course - instrutor?s commission rate - put time period option for student to continue to next course section - Course rating - Certificate - Badge - Transaction pagination - Instructor can check earning in backend goodlayers lms plugin ==v1.01== 02/09/2014 - fix instructor capability to delete / read / edit courses - fix responsive issues goodlayers lms plugin - fix header in course category page header-title.php ==v1.00== 26/08/2014 * initial released
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