Business Card Maker with Admob

Business Card Maker with Admob

  • 6/30/2019


Business Card Maker is an Android application that help you manage your digital business card.

Full Feature List

  • Flat UI
  • Splashscreen
  • Add new card page
  • Coverflow display page
  • Cardbox pag
  • Create business card using templates
  • Easy to add new template or customize existing templates
  • Using sqlite database for storage (add, display, delete, edit)
  • Convert view to .png
  • Send email
  • Share business card (social media, messaging, IM, and others)
  • Smoothly zoom in/out busine
    ss card
  • Action bar SearchView in cardbox page
  • Custom ListView
  • Real time creating/editing business card
  • Using fancycoverflow lib project to display cover flow mode

App Preview

Demo APK


Full Demo Link
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