Browser Search for Magento

Browser Search for Magento

  • 6/19/2019

Browser Search is an extension for Magento that provides your potential customers with possibility to search through your website easily. It was designed to enhance Magento Store search functionality, so that users, whichever website that may be on, can, with ease, search your online web store.

Once you change default Browser Search settings in the admin configuration panel and click save, an Open Search plugin will be created in the root of your Magento installation. Aside from that,

a canonical link will be added to header of all your pages, thus informing web browsers that users can install your search engine directly into their web browser. That means that Mozilla Firefox users will be able to use integrated browser search to find your products easily. Firefox users can use top-right corner search box to search through your web store, while Google Chrome users will simply need to start typing your address in URL bar, and after a few characters press TAB, which will let th
em search through your products with ease, using your own Magento search.

Current version features:

Set store search engine name
Set store search engine description
Set store search admin email
Default Magento favicon in case you didn’t provide any

Once the settings are saved, your website open search plugin will be created automatically, and will be set to be served to all major browsers, including, but not limited to, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

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