Female Orgasm- Never knew facts

Female Orgasm- Never knew facts

  • 12/18/2019

Have you ever wondered what makes you go "O!" ?

So we all dont know a lot about the G spot, there is also a lot of gaps in research when it comes to Femal Ejaculation. And also there are also a lot of questions about Orgasm and also the physiology about the Female Orgasm that are still remained to be explored when it comes to the clitorous.

The biology of the female orgasm is complex and mostly misunderstood. So lets get educated 

So what is an Orgasm?

An Orgasm is a series of muscle contraction and the muscles pulse at 0.8 second intervals,but wait it is just not about the muscles it is also about the brain, The orgasm is also happening in the brain , in that your mind is sending up the pleasure chemical through the body and so the sensation is pleasurable

So in 70 to 80% of the women the clitorous needs to be simulated to have an orgasm .

So what exactly is Clitorous anyway?

The clitorous is an organ in the genital area, its got lot of sensation, lot of nerve ending and it does not appear large from outside but its pretty big structure from inside.So the head of the clitorious is kind of a pee side numb and also there are bones under the surface of the skin as well.


The Pudendal Nerve is the main play when it comes to the sexual sensation, so this nerve supplies the Clitorous and it also connects to the anus and also the other parts of the genitals.Located at the rare of the pelvic valve and and Sacral plexus The Pudendal nerve contains both sensory and Motor nerve fibres that serve to transform the sensation from the Clitorous to brain in women. Thus allowing physical sensationn to register.

So Now we know what an orgasm is,and where it takes place Next question is how we get there?

There is an concept that the arousal is about accelerator, its a sex drive. So you go from the state of not feeling like sexy and somehow things gets into your mind and you start getting turned on and your accelerator gets turned on.There is a drive going on.

But actually research says that it is a dual control model. So just like an accelerator there is also a break . Formally known as the Kinsey Dual Control Model, this idea is that sexual arousal can happen when muscle stimulate that lead to sexual excitement and stimulate that leads to sexual inhibitions hang in perfect balance.

So its like a car you have to take your foot off the break and then in the accelerator so your car can move forward.

There is a lot of factors that can be considered but lets not forget , Pleasure is not the only benefit of an orgasm, So experiencing an orgasm can be pleasurable but it can also be good for your health. Orgasms releases pleasure chemicals in your brain, you feel good and helps you sleep better and helps you relax, so this seems good for yoyr body.



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