Compare MongoDB & Firebase. What to choose in 2019

Compare MongoDB & Firebase. What to choose in 2019

  • 6/23/2019

Firebase is very useful if you fit one of the following scenarios:

  1. You are a startup and want to spin off an MVP as soon as possible. You want to do this without the headache of designing and maintaining a full backend architecture.
  2. You fit number 1, and your application requires that you give real-time updates on several devices based on data changes.
  3. Firebase also offers real-time synchronization of data. Your clients can make updates even when they are offline, and the data synchronizes automatically when they are back online.

Firebase is great, but there are some drawbacks I have seen with using Firebase:

  1. Building an API for your application is near impossible; at best, inefficient. It is better just to build your own API using a standard backend architecture.
  2. Handling relations can be a pain in the neck. It is already bad enough that handling relations in a NoSQL environment can be a tedious task. Thinking of how to handle ties in Firebase??? Let me give a quick example: Imagine a school system where every student belongs to a class, and then in each class, there are various students. It means that every student has to watch class IDs and then populate on your categories and your level has to watch student IDs and fill users. Thinking about it is even painful enough. It’ll be worse when you start adding subjects and then imagine some items are optional. Just complex!
  3. Firebase Real-time Database can become costly at some point.
  4. Firebase is cloud-hosted, so you might not be able to work on your app in your local environment during development. If you live in a place like Nigeria where I live, you’ll understand that connectivity isn’t a light matter at all.
  5. MongoDB provides you with a rich schema to query your data, providing more flexibility. Firebase…wel.
  6. Firebase downloads all subtrees on load, and that can be a considerable performance drawback.

I’m not sure I’ve covered all the necessary checkpoints, but these come foremost to my mind. Please consider these things carefully before you make a final decision for your application. A mistake here can be quite costly.


MongoDB is a popular open-source document-oriented database developed by 10gen, later called the MongoDB Inc. In this case, documents are created and stored in BSON files, Binary JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format, so all JS types of data are supported. MongoDB is often applied for Node.js projects. Besides of that, JSON enables transferring data between servers and web apps with the use of the human-readable format. It is also a better option, when it comes to storage capacity and speed, as it offers greater efficiency and reliability.


Google develops a firebase real-time database. Synchronizing data between users in real-time is easy. It can easily notify all the devices within a short period. When a change occurs, all users get those updates. It gives the flexibility to access data from any device (web, mobile). As the data is hosted on the cloud, there is no server maintenance. Another advantage is that it can be used offline as well. When the connection is lost, the database uses local cache on the device to store changes.

Firebase vs MongoDB

  • Firebase is a database to store and synchronize data in real-time.
  • MongoDB is a free open source, high-performance document-based database.


  • Firebase does not provide high performance like MongoDB.
  • MongoDB provides high performance with high traffic apps.


  • Google developed firebase.
  • MongoDB Inc developed MongoDB.

Supported Programming Languages

  • Firebase support Objective C, Java and JavaScript.
  • MongoDB supports many programming languages including C, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc.


  • Firebase is not secure like MongoDB.
  • MongoDB provides more security than Firebase.


  • Firebase is more suitable for small-scale applications.
  • MongoDB is more suitable for large-scale applications.

Modern applications require fast feature development, storing big data. Those can be achieved by NoSQL. Firebase and NoSQL are two such databases. Firebase is mainly used for applications which heavily depend on real-time data. Some examples are stock market price charts, social apps, mobile apps. MongoDB is used to build secure apps. The difference between Firebase and MongoDB is that Firebase is a real-time database developed by Google and MongoDB is a document-oriented database. If you are searching for web development services for your project in MongoDB and Firebase then connect with web development company based in London for valuable support.

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